Fresh Strawberries:

Fresh strawberries are grown, packed and sorted /graded according to the international standards of quality control. Fresh Strawberries are field-packed and then transported at the optimum temperature to the pre-cooling units and cold storage facilities to be ready for shipping in the same day.

Season Available Varieties Carton Net Weight Sizes/diameter Packaging type Carton Dimensions
From mid of November till end of April. Festival – Fortuna-Sweet charley-Tamar – Florida 2.27 KG 25-35mm 10 punnets*227gm 40*60*6.5CM
2.5 KG 25-35mm 10 punnets*250gm 40*60*6.5CM
2.00 KG 25-35mm 8 punnets*250gm 32*59*6CM
4.8 KG 25-35mm 12 punnets*400gm 40*60*13CM

Navel Oranges:

Fresh Citrus is our main product as the planted area exceeds 1000 acres grown with Navel, Valencia, Grapefruit, Lime and Lemon.

Season Carton Net Weight Sizes/Counts Carton/Pallet Pallet/Container Carton/Container Container Net Weight/ton
From end of November till end of February 15 KG-Open Top 42-48-56-64-72 65 20 1,300 19,500
15 KG- Telescopic 42-48-56-64-70-80-88-100 80 20 1,600 24,000
8 KG-Telescopic 42-48-56-64-70-80-88-10 132 24 3,168 25,344

Valencia Oranges:

Season Carton Net Weight Sizes Carton/Pallet Pallet/Container Carton/Container Container Net Weight/ton
From beginning of March till end of May 15 KG-Open Top 40-48-56-64-72 65 20 1,300 19,500
15 KG- Telescopic 40-48-56-64-70-80-88-100-113-125 80 20 1,600 24,000
8 KG-Telescopic 30-36-42-48-56-64 132 24 3,168 25,344
600 KG Bins-for industrial Use. All sizes 2 Bins 20 40 24,000

Valencia orange is growing at wide scale and with big volumes and used mainly for oranges

juice production and processing.


Our fresh Pomegranates is available during summer season and each fruit contains edible seeds individually covered with a delicious translucent, juicy, red pulp and fragrant tasty.

Product Fresh Pomegranates
Varieties 116 – Asuity – Wonderful
Product Availability From beginning of September till end of November
Pomegranates big sizes 8-9-10-11-12 fruits per box.
Pomegranates small sizes 13-14-15 fruits per box.

Pomegranates Packaging of 40ft reefer container:

Carton Net Weight Cartons/pallet Pallet/container Carton/container Container Net Weight/ton
4.5 KG- Open Top 180 20 3,600 16,200

Fresh Grapes:

Egyptian fresh grapes are in high demand worldwide due to its premium quality, natural sweet flavor and delicious taste. Our fresh grapes harvesting and packing takes maximum 3 hours to maintain its premium quality.

*Window and Specifications of our fresh Grapes varieties:

Variety Availability Diameter/size Brix/sugar Level
White Sugraone Seedless From week 21 till week 27 +17mm Minimum 16%
Red Flame Seedless From week 23 till week 28 17mm Minimum 17%
Red Crimson Seedless From week 27 till week 36 17mm Minimum 17%
Red Globe (Seeded) From week 28 till week 33 22-30mm Minimum 16%

*Grapes’ Packing for Sea shipments:

Carton net Weight No. of bags/ punnets/carton Cartons/pallet Pallets/ container Cartons/ container Container Net Weight/ton
4.5 KG 9 plastic bags*500gm 170 20 3,400 15,300
5 KG 10 punnets*500gm 120 20 2,400 12,000
9 KG 18 plastic bags*500gm 85 20 1,700 15,300

Fresh Mango:

We have different varieties of Mango and we are sourcing good volumes from the Egyptian famous Mango plantation areas in Egypt.

Product Fresh Mango
Varieties Keitt-Kent-Naoumi-Tommy-Heidy-Seddik-Chelly-Zebdia
Product Availability From June till November
Carton Net weight 5 KG
No. of Cartons/pallet 180 Cartons
Total No. of cartons/container 18,000 ton